Health services

If you have been a victim of sexual violence, you need immediate medical attention. To get it, search for a hospital or health care center as soon as possible and — preferably — within 72 hours after the violent situation to receive oral contraception and treatment to prevent sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV.

We know you’re in a very difficult situation, but it’s very important that you don’t take a bath before being assisted in a health center.

If you’re not comfortable accessing these services unaccompanied, you can reach out to one of the organizations specializing in the care of people victims of sexual and gender-based violence or UNHCR.

Below you can find information about health centers and hospitals that provide comprehensive health care services to victims of gender-based violence.

Lago Agrio - Shushufindi

Marco Vinicio Iza General  Hospital (Lago Agrio)

Shushufindi Basic Hospital (Shushufindi)

Carchi - Tulcán

Hospital Luis G. Dávila (Tulcán)

El Ángel Basic Hospital (Montufar – San Gabriel)

San Gabriel Basic Hospital (Espejo – El Ángel)

Ibarra - Imbabura

San Vicente de Paul Hospital (Ibarra)

Atuntaqui Basic Hospital (Antonio Ante)

Cotacachi – Asdrubal de la Torre Basic Hospital (Cotacachi)

Otavalo – San Luis Basic Hospital (Otavalo)


Eugenio Espejo Specialty Hospital

Pablo Arturo Suarez General Hospital

Enrique Garcés General Hospital

Hospital for Senior Comprehensive Care

Julio Endara Psychiatric Hospital

Isidro Ayora Gynecological-Obstetric Hospital

Baca Ortiz Children’s Hospital

Nueva Aurora – Luz Elena Arismendi Gynecological, Obstetric and Pediatric Hospital

Calderon General Hospital

Basic Hospital (Nanegalito)

Alberto Correa Cornejo Basic Hospital (Yaruqui)


Vicente Corral Moscoso General Hospital (Cuenca)

Aida León De Rodríguez Lara Basic Hospital (Giron)

Moreno Vasquez Basic Hospital (Gualaceo)

Basic Hospital (Paute)

Jose Félix Valdiviezo Basic Hospital (Santa Isabel)

San Sebastian Basic Hospital (Sigsig)


Guayaquil Abel Gilbert Ponton Hospital

University Gynecological, Obstetric and Pediatric Hospital

Francisco de Icaza Bustamante Children’s Hospital

Jose Rodriguez Maridueña Infection Hospital

Matilde Hidalgo de Procel Gynecological Obstetric Hospital

Guasmo Sur General Hospital

Monte Sinai General Hospital


Teófilo Dávila Hospital


Huaquillas Basic Hospital