Support for LGBTI+ people

If you are an LGBTI+ refugee, asylum seeker or migrant and need information and assistance, you can contact UNHCR offices or one of the organizations specializing in LGBTI+ care so that they can evaluate your case and support you.

In addition, these organizations can support you in the process of local inclusion, especially to enter safe spaces, participate in cultural activities and meet other LGBTI+ people.

⚠️ If you have been a victim of violence or discrimination in Ecuador, in your home country or along the route to Ecuador, you can visit UNHCR or an organization specializing in the care of LGBTI+ people. You can search for the nearest organization here. You don’t need to file a complaint to access these services.

In case of an emergency, you can call 911, or if you need legal counseling or other information for your safety call the Defensoría Pública (Public Defender’s Office) at 151 or visit the nearest UNHCR office or an organization specializing in working with LGBTI+ people.

? Important! All UNHCR and partner agencies have an obligation to treat LGBTI+ persons with dignity and respect. If a UNHCR official or partner agency has not treated you with dignity and respect, you can file a complaint by approaching a UNHCR office, emailing [email protected] or by sending a WhatsApp or SMS text at 099 789 7242.

For more information and specific assistance, you can contact HIAS, Diálogo Diverso, Kimirina, Fundación Ecuatoriana Equidad (Pichincha), Fundación Lunita Lunera, Asociación ASIRIS Imbabura, Colectivo LGBTIH Somos Divers@s, UNHCR, or these local organizations:


Asociación Silueta X

It develops training programs in human rights, comprehensive health, sexual diversity. Moreover, it focuses on the empowerment of LGBTI youth, and has public health care centers outreach projects.

  • ? Address: General Córdoba 325 entre Juan Montalvo y Padre Aguirre, Esquina
  • ? Contact: +593 042-562964
  • ? Email: [email protected]

Casa de las Muñecas

Safe house for LGBTI+ population at higher risk, with a focus on trans population. It also conducts basic training processes in areas such as beauty, which promote the development of skills that link them to the formal work environment.

? Email: [email protected]



The Platform for Persons Exercising Sex Work, Chapter Ecuador, is a community network that seeks the active participation and empowerment of populations of women sex workers and sex workers, trans people, PVV, PPL, refugees, and migrants for rights advocacy. It provides support to facilitate access to public services for diverse populations, in the context of fighting stigma and discrimination.

? Contact: 0981707205 (Karina Bravo)

“Despertar Diverso” LGBTI group

Community organization working in the defense of LGBTI population rights.

? Contact: 0993288224 (Daniela Lozada)

Movimiento de Mujeres El Oro (El Oro Women’s Movement)

Provides support for victims of sexual and gender-based violence, including LGBTI+ people.

? Contact: 098 948 6451


Asociación Verde Equilibrante

A collective the mission of which is to reduce discrimination among members of the LGBTIH community through activities involving the whole community to achieve social inclusion.

  • ? Address: Baltazara de Calderón 15-26 y Coronel Talbot.
  • ? Contact: 099 5915 522 — (07) 2822 395
  • ? Email: [email protected]