What is gender-based violence?

Gender-based violence is any act exercised against a person because of their gender identity. Women and LGBTI+ people are the main victims.

It happens in many spaces such as homes, education institutions, workplaces and others. The aggressors are mainly people close to the victim.

Learn about the types of violence:

? Physical Violence: It is expressed through blows or any action that causes physical damage or suffering. This type of violence can end in a femicide attempt.

? Psychological Violence: Of all women who have suffered gender-based violence, half stated that they experienced psychological violence.  It is expressed through insults, manipulation, humiliation and any act that is intended to cause emotional damage.

? Sexual Violence: In Ecuador, 1 out of 4 women have experienced sexual violence. This sort of violence is expressed through sexual harassment or abuse, groping, pornographic material, rape and any sexual act that has not been voluntary or that has been carried out by means of force or manipulation.

⚠️ Remember that health services and protection against gender-based violence in Ecuador are free and all persons — regardless of nationality and of whether they have ID documents or not — have the right to access them.