What should I do if I am under 18 years old and left my country because I was afraid and my life, integrity or freedom were in danger?

When people’s life is in danger in their country of birth or in their last place of residence (where they lived for many years) they can apply for refugee status.

A refugee is someone who:

? has fled his/her country and cannot return because he/she fears persecution due to her political opinions, race, religion, nationality, or membership of a particular social group. For example, a student leader threatened or persecuted, LGBTI+ persons threatened or violated; children and adolescents at risk of forced recruitment; human rights defender, among others.

? has fled his/her country and cannot go back because his/her life, safety and freedom have been threatened by widespread violence or massive violation of human rights, such as violence from the State to social organizations, gang violence, or violence between different groups in society.

If you believe you match this description, you can apply for refugee status.

To do this:

  • When you reach the border, tell the migration staff that you’re not traveling with your parents and that you need them to call a person from the Ministerio de Inclusión Económica y Social (Ministry of Social and Economic Inclusion) – MIES. They can’t deny you that help.
  • When you talk to the MIES agent tell him/her you want to seek refuge. You don’t need to explain why. ? You are entitled to free counseling throughout this process.
  • A person from the institution in charge will interview you in a confidential and reserved way in which you can explain why you fled your home country.

⚠️ If your application is approved, you will be given a refugee applicant document and your case will be evaluated. If you are recognized as a refugee, you’ll be given a refugee card.

Important! If your application for refuge is denied, you have the right to other forms of protection by the State, being a child or adolescent.

For more information on applying for refugee status, visit this link.