How can I apply for refugee status?

⚠️ To apply for recognition of refugee status, you must be physically in Ecuador and start the procedure as soon as possible within 90 days of your entry into national territory. You DON’T need to submit any documents, but if you have an ID or another document that supports your application, you can take it with you at the time of submitting your application.

Consider that:

  • The humanitarian visa is granted to refugee status applicants, i.e., those who are in the process of asylum waiting for their international protection status to be accepted or rejected. This visa lasts 180 days.
  • The international protection visa is granted to recognized refugees and it is the international protection statute that implies a temporary 2-year residence, subject to renewal for the same period of time.

To start the application process for international protection or to renew the humanitarian or international protection visa:

  • Go to
  • In the search engine type the word Refugio and click on the magnifying glass ?.
  • You’ll get some options, press ⬇️ where it says Determinación de la condición de Refugiado o Apátrida (Refugee Status Determination or stateless person).
  • A page will open, giving you general information about the process, go to the end and press Ir al trámite en línea (Go to Online Procedure) button.
  • On this page you’ll need to fill in your data, including an email address?. Use a personal email address that you have easy access to, since there you will receive all the information about your procedure.
  • Once you fill it up, press the continuar (continue) button. A screen will then appear asking you to enter the  código de confirmación (confirmation code).
  • Log into the email you registered and search for an email with the subject Código de confirmación (Confirmation code).
  • Open the email, copy the code and paste it into the window that appeared.
  • Press continuar (continue) ✅ to keep filling out your refugee status determination application.
  • Check ?your email frequently as there you’ll get information about your procedure.

? If you need information, please contact:

To renew humanitarian or international protection visad, as well as carry out other procedures, you can visit: