Rights and duties of refugees and asylum seekers

Both, refugee applicants and recognized refugees have the following rights and obligations:


  • Accessing the refugee status determination procedure.
  • In the case of persons in need of international protection, not being deported or returned to their country of origin or sanctioned for having irregularly entered Ecuador.
  • Having free mobility within Ecuadorian territory.
  • Having a fair process to determine refugee status, including the right to legal counseling and/or representation, as well as appealing denials.
  • Having their human rights be respected.
  • Accessing the justice, education, and health systems.
  • If you are a refugee in Ecuador and have family members who wish to reunite with you, they will be able to do so in accordance with the principle of family unity and will be covered by the refugee status granted to you by the State of Ecuador and by which you enjoy special protection status.


  • Respecting the laws and the Constitución del Ecuador (Constitution of Ecuador).
  • Complying with the measures decreed to maintain public order.
  • Not intervening in political matters.
  • Not affecting relations between your country of origin and Ecuador.
  • Renewing your refugee applicant documentation (humanitarian visa) or recognized refugee status (international protection visa).
  • You should always carry your documents with you.