Sexual Exploitation and Abuse by Humanitarian Actors

The protection against Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (SEA) is the term used by the humanitarian community to indicate all measures adopted to protect the persons we serve from sexual exploitation and abuse from its own personnel and affiliated workforce. Sexual exploitation and abuse violate the recognized international norms and universal standards, and they represent unacceptable behavior for all humanitarian and United Nations staff. As such, they constitute serious misconduct that can be grounds for dismissal. They can constitute crimes for which perpetrators can be processesd through the justice system. Sexual Exploitation and Abuse perpetrated by humanitarian actors contradict the fundamental principles of humanitarian work and represent a significant failure of protection against the persons UNHCR serves.

SEA represents a violation of fundamental rights of the persons we protect, and provide support and services, and to the personnel of the agencies that provide those services. SEA harms the credibility of the agency that serves them; putting at risk the reputation of Service providers and their capacity to provide support and protection.

United Nations has a zero tolerance policy regarding sexual exploitation and abuse.

It is expected that any member of the personnel working for UNHCR Dominican Republic, including affiliated workforce and partner organizations maintain the highest standards of personal and professional conduct as established by the United Nations Charter, the code of conduct, and other relevant policies.

If you or someone you know has been a victim of sexual exploitation and abuse, report now! Text 849-451-1490 or email [email protected].

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