Rights of Asylum-seekers

  • Protection against forced return (so-called refoulement) to country of origin until a final decision is made;
  • Right to due process;
  • Right to receive clear, free and timely information about refugee status and the asylum procedure;
  • Freedom of movement. It is noteworthy that Article 134 of the regulation decree of the Immigration Law states that asylum-seekers are not to be detained;
  • Right to appeal the CONARE decision;
  • Submit all proofs that are considered pertinent to sustain the application until the CONARE has made a resolution on the case, and
  • Right to an interpreter of your language or one that you can understand that are required to facilitate communication.

Obligations of Asylum-seekers

  • Provide all identification information;
  • Duly complete the form for the determination of refugee status;
  • Tell the truth and not hide any relevant information for the application;
  • Provide help and facilitate clarification of the facts and the personal motives on which their application is based;
  • Make good efforts to provide documental evidence to support the arguments and to provide sufficient explanation of the lack of such evidence;
  • Answer all questions that were posed;
  • In the case of unlawful entrance to Dominican territory, adequately justify the motives for such unlawful entrance, provide information on the route, and means of transportation;
  • Clearly identify household or dependents;
  • Notify any changes of composition in the household (birth, marriage, divorce, or any other related change);
  • Refrain from conducting activities which are forbidden to foreigners;
  • Inform about place of residence (exact address) and notify the ONR within two (2) days any changes;
  • Refrain from leaving the Dominican Republic, and
  • Asylum-seekers are asked to go to the ONR every thirty (30) days to renew their asylum-seeker certificate (“Constancia de solicitud”).