You can contact various NGOs or institutions through specific lines to get other forms of help and support, including psychological help:

  • If you are having acute thoughts of taking your life or if you know anyone who does, contact πŸ“ž 112 for urgent assistance, available in Danish and English.
  • For medical advice and information about nearest psychiatric emergency unit in Denmark, dial πŸ“ž1813, available in Danish and English
  • For assistance if you are a survivor of trafficking, contact the Danish Centre against Human Trafficking by dialling πŸ“ž 7020 2550 (working days 08.30-16.00, weekends and holidays 9.00-15.00) or send an e-mail to πŸ“§ [email protected]. Note that if you need to send confidential material to them, contact the above e-mail before doing so.
  • For emotional support if you are feeling mentally unwell or you have thoughts of taking your life, contact:
    • Livslinien (Lifeline) dialling πŸ“ž 70 201 201 (every day, 11.00-05.00) or contact them on their πŸ’¬online chat(Mondays to Thursdays 17.00-21.00, and Saturdays to Sundays 13.00-17.00), available in Danish.
    • Psykiatrifonden (Psychiatry Foundation) dialling πŸ“ž 39 25 25 25 (every day, 10.00-14.00) or contact them on their πŸ’¬ online chat (Mondays and Wednesdays 18:00–22:00, and Tuesdays and Thursdays 14:00–18:00), available in Danish.
  • For support, if you are in a vulnerable or critical life situation, contact Startlinjen (Starting Line) by dialling πŸ“ž 35 36 26 00 (every day, 16.00-23.00).
  • If you are under 18 years old or you know someone who is and needs help or advice, contact BΓΈrneTelefonen (Children’s Telephone) by dialling πŸ“ž 116 111 (open 24/7) or contact them on their πŸ’¬ online chat, available in Danish.

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