How to apply for asylum

While you can apply for asylum regardless of your residency status in Denmark, the modality differs, as you can read below:

➡️If you do not have a residence permit in Denmark, you can apply for asylum by contacting the police at the Danish border, at an airport, or showing up in person at a police station in Denmark or the police station in the Reception Centre Sandholm.

Reception Centre Sanholm

➡️If you already have a residence permit (granted on grounds other than asylum) in Denmark, you can apply for asylum at the police station in the district where you live.

For more information regarding the asylum procedure in Denmark, please visit the website of the Danish immigration authorities, available in English and Danish.

All matters concerning the asylum procedure are managed by the Danish immigration authorities (Danish Immigration Service – DIS) according to the national rules and regulations and with trained and competent national officials specialised in asylum matters.

UNHCR is not involved in the processing of asylum applications in Denmark.

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