Announcement on UNHCR Population Verification Exercise

UNHCR will be conducting a population verification exercise in Curacao during 14-16 November 2019. UNHCR conducts such verification exercises periodically in order to verify and update individual registration records for the already registered persons of concerns and collect additional information if necessary.

The purpose of this upcoming mission is to update our information on registered persons of concern.

Please keep in mind that UNHCR is not able to register new persons of concern and at this time is solely updating its record.

UNHCR will NOT be conducting refugee status determination (RSD) or resettlement interviews during this mission, nor will we register new people.

Whom is  this verification for? :

  • UNHCR will not be able to update information for all registered persons of concern in one mission. It will be done gradually over the course of several missions and UNHCR will begin with individuals registered on or before June 30, 2017.
  • Therefore, the first mission taking place during 14-16 November 2019 will be targeting part of the persons who were registered with UNHCR prior to June 30, 2017.
  • UNHCR will contact you individually for scheduling your appointment to provide more information on the location and what to bring.
  • If you are not contacted by UNHCR for this mission, you may be contacted at a later date to be scheduled for the other upcoming missions.
  • Only those contacted by UNHCR and provided an appointment will be allowed to enter the verification site.

What to expect:

Those who receive an appointment for the upcoming mission can expect to participate in an in-person interview to verify and update personal information; biometric enrolment which includes an updated photograph, a scan of your eyes and fingerprints; and will receive a new asylum seeker or refugee certificate on paper with enhanced security features.

If you would like additional information or clarification on the upcoming activity, you can visit our webpage send an email to our general inquiry account [email protected].

Be Aware of Fraud!

UNHCR would like to remind you that all services and documents provided by UNHCR are free of charge.

Be careful when sharing personal information with third parties, UNHCR will only contact you from an email ending in

Do not share your personal details with anyone claiming to be a representative of UNHCR if their email does not end in


Please see more information on the Frequently Asked Questions & Answers (FAQ) :

If you have any further question, please contact directly UNHCR by email: [email protected] or helpline: +297-732-0006 (Tuesday and Thursdays, 9 am until 12 pm).