Rights and obligations of refugees/ persons granted international protection

Family reunification

Once you are granted international protection, you have the right to apply to be reunited with your family members. These include:

  • Spouse and minor unmarried children;
  • Unmarried children above 18 if they are not able to provide for themselves due to medical reasons
  • Parents of each spouse who cannot take care of themselves due to advanced age or serious illness and have to live in the same household with their children

If you are an unaccompanied child, you have the right to be reunited with your parents or guardian.

You need to submit an application for family reunification with the State Agency for Refugees, at the Registration-reception centre where you received your decision granting you international protection.

For more information about the procedure, please see: https://asylum.bg/content/#familyr


You have the right to take up employment without any restrictions. You can register and receive advice and assistance with finding employment at the Labour Bureaus of the Employment Agency.


If you are granted refugee status, you are entitled to receive a refugee card (valid for 5 years) and if you are granted humanitarian status, you are entitled to a humanitarian status holder card (valid for 3 years). Note that this is not the validity of the status but of the document itself. For more information on how to apply for these identity documents please visit: https://asylum.bg/content/#documents


Once you are granted international protection, you have to cover the cost of your health insurance in order to continue to have access to health care. If you are already working, this will be covered through your salary. If you are not employed, you have to cover your health insurance payments yourself. Currently the amount is 37.32 BGN per month. Children’s health insurance is covered by the state.

Social assistance and family benefits

If you are eligible to receive social assistance and family benefits and need support to apply for them, you can reach out to UNHCR partner organisations/ Compass community centers.