Re-registration for temporary protection of refugees from Ukraine in Bulgaria

The re-registration of temporary protection for refugees from Ukraine on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria has started.

The new registration cards will be issued from 13.02.2023 to 31.03.2023.

The old registration cards will be valid until 31.03.2023.
During this period, persons with temporary protection should appear and submit:

  • application form for renewing the Registration Card of a foreigner granted temporary protection, containing an up-to-date address of residence;
  • national identity document;
  • registration card valid until 23.02.2023;
    Re-registration will take place in:
  • the nearest regional directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MOI);
  • Sofia Municipal Directorate of Internal Affairs – for the city of Sofia;
  • The registration and reception centers (RRC) of the State Agency for Refugees:
  • RRC – Sofia
    address: city of Sofia, Ovcha Kupel district, “Montevideo” street No. 21A;

address: Sofia, Voenna Rampa Quarter, “Prof. Ivan Georgov” No. 29;

address: city of Sofia, Vrazdebna district, 270 “Botevgradsko shose” blvd.

  • RRC – Banya village
    address: village of Banya, municipality Nova Zagora, “Mineral Baths” area No. 17
  • RRC – town of Harmanli
    address: town of Harmanli, g.k. “Friendship” No. 23.
  • RRC – Pastrogor
    address: Pastrogor village, Municipality Svilengrad, region Haskovo.

Additional information can be obtained on-site at the above-mentioned centers of the State Agency for Refugees, at e-mail: [email protected]; on the platform: and on the hotlines: 02/905-5555; + 380/322-465-075.

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