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The hotlines are operational from Sunday to Wednesday between 08:00 AM and 16:30PM and on Thursdays between 08:00 AM and 16:00 PM. Emergency calls will be received 24/7. Non-emergency calls received outside of the normal operational hours indicated above will be deferred to the operational hours.

Hargeisa Sub-Office:

Galkayo Sub Office (Bossaso helplines):

Mogadishu Sub Office:

  • UNHCR Help Line:: 2772

What is UNHCR’s role in Somalia?

UNHCR in Somalia works closely with the Federal Government and the Federal Member States of Somalia in order to provide protection and assistance to refugees and asylum-seekers in Somalia. UNHCR also co-operates with its partners to provide support to refugees, asylum-seekers, and Somali refugee returnees with the following support:

  • Information on how to apply for asylum in Somalia
  • Assistance to register application for asylum in Somalia and receipt of documents such as Proof of Registration and/or Asylum Seeker Certificate, depending on the location of registration
  • Access to legal counselling/ assistance and protection, and support for specific cases of harm or abuse
  • Access to various forms of protection assistance

On this site, we provide information about your rights, obligations, and the available services in Somalia, for you to make an informed decision about your future. Please feel free to contact us if you wish to obtain further information.

Are you Somali and displaced within Somalia?

This site does not include information specific to internally displaced Somali nationals (IDPs), though many services mentioned may also be available to you. If you have been forced to flee or to leave your homes or places of your living within Somalia, you can learn about available resources and services in your area by speaking to service providers or contacting UNHCR offices in Somalia on the helpline numbers/emails listed above.

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