Steps to obtain a work permit

If you are between the ages of 18 and 45, you may submit an application for a work permit.  If accepted, you will be permitted to legally reside and work temporarily in Malaysia.  The work permit is valid for 12 months.  You are able to apply to extend your work permit on a yearly basis for up to 10 years.

The application process for a work permit includes:

1. Passport

• You need to have a passport that is valid for at least another 12 months before beginning the work permit process.

• If you have overstayed in Malaysia and do not have a passport, you need to get a travel document from the Myanmar Embassy in order to return to Myanmar. There is a fine of RM500 ($125 USD) for overstaying imposed by the Malaysian Government. This is payable at the Immigration Office, Putrajaya.

• You need to approach the Myanmar Embassy and produce a Myanmar ID card (known as an “IC”), or if this is not available, you need to produce your Family Register booklet. If you do not possess either, you are requested to contact your home/village in Myanmar and have a copy endorsed by the Village Council Chairman (VCC) and produce the certified copy to the Embassy.

• You then need to travel to Myanmar, using your travel document issued by the Embassy. From Myanmar you can apply for your passport if you do not have one already.

• To obtain a passport in Myanmar, you must get security clearance from the police, fill in the application form, pay the application fee (KYAT25,000 or $19USD) and provide the following documents: birth certificate, ID card, school certificate, national scrutinization card and family members’ registration list.

2. Immigration Security Clearance (ISC)

• The first step of applying for a work permit is to register for ISC.

• You must apply for ISC from within your home country, which means that you must apply for ISC from Myanamar. The application must be done in person at the office.

• The ISC office in Myanmar is at the following address: 87, Pyay Road, Dagon Township, Yangon, Myanmar

• The phone number for the office is: 09450289835

• You need to go to the ISC office to register and pay the fee. Contact the office within your country of origin for the local rate.

• You will go through registration before the ISC status verification. If you pass, an ISC Certificate will be issued to you. If you fail, you cannot continue with the work permit process.

• The certificate is valid for 6 months after it is issued.

3. Medical Clearance

• You must be certified as healthy and fit by an approved medical center in Myanmar.

• There are three approved medical centres in Myanmar, all of which are in Yangoon. They are:

a. Moe Thee Hospital No. (238,239) Zayar Thri Yat Kwel, Yamonar Road, Dawbon Township Yangoon Myanmar +95 1 559012
b. Mya Min Tharaphu #129, Bogyoke Aung San Road,Botataung Township,Yangon,Myanmar +9595174877
c. Kone Baung Specialist Health Care Center #303, Shwebontha Street (Upper Block),Yangon,Myanmar +959 5140815

4. Employment

• You need to find an employer in Malaysia while you are in your home country.

• Your employer must first apply to the Immigration Department for a Visa with Reference (VDR) approval before you are able to be hired. They can apply for VDR either online or at an immigration counter.

• To do this, you will need to have already passed ISC, have a medical certificate and have a recent passport sized photo of you. You must do these yourself.

• While you wait for a VDR approval from the Immigration Department, you must wait in your home country.

5. Post-Arrival

• Once you have arrived in Malaysia, you need to get a FOMEMA medical check within 30 days. The fee for a FOMEMA medical check is RM190.80 ($48USD) if you are male and RM201.40 ($50USD) if you are female.

• The contact details for FOMEMA are: +603-2782 8777 [email protected]

• If you fail the FOMEMA medical check, you will not be able to stay in Malaysia and will have to return to your home country, at your own expense.
• You will be issued with your VP(TE) visa once you have passed the FOMEMA medical examination. The examination can be done at any medical centre registered with FOMEMA.

• VP(TE) or Visa will be issued by the same Immigration Department office that issued the VDR approval letter