Employment sectors

Foreign workers from Myanmar are able to work in six specified sectors as well as their sub-sectors.

These are:

  • Mining & Quarrying: Mineral mining (bauxite, gold, coal, iron ore, tin, ilmenite, amang retreatment) and quarrying (granite, limestone, sand extraction and other stone quarrying)
  • Agriculture: Plantations, livestock and fisheries, agro-food
  • Construction: Residential, non-residential, civil engineering, special trade
  • Manufacturing: Production of the following; Electrical and Electronic Products, Chemicals, Chemical Products and Petroleum Products, Wood and Wood Products, Textiles, Apparel and Footwear, Construction-Related Materials, Transport Equipment, Food Products, Beverages and Tobacco Products
  • Plantation: Rubber and palm oil
  • Services: cooks, cleaners, resort islands, spas and reflexology, hotels, shops, theme parks, dobby, barber, wholesale and retail businesses, textile business, goldsmith, welfare homes, workshop general worker, car wash general worker, market general worker, petrol station mart general worker, hypermarket general worker, mangrove or logging forest, warehouses, cargo at ports