Education in Myanmar

The education system in Myanmar is overseen by the Ministry of Education.  Primary education is compulsory.  Information to help you or your child access primary, lower secondary, and upper secondary schools is detailed in this section.

Be sure to take the following documents with you:

The following documents will be helpful in facilitating your school registration in Myanmar and in recognizing any education you completed while in Malaysia:                                  

  • Completion certificate (Grade 6, Grade 9, Grade 12)
  • Student Report Card (all other grades)
  • Transfer certificate
  • Recommendation letter from Head Teacher
  • Birth certificate/authentication of the birth certificate (if not issued by Myanmar authorities).

School enrolment:

How do I enrol my child into a government school?

When you register for the placement test, you will be asked to name which school you would like your child to attend. School enrolment will follow the placement test, and will occur during the last week of May.

What is the official government school calendar?

– Kindergarten to Grade 9: 1 June to February

– Grade 10: 1 June to March (final exams take place mid-March)

Placement tests:

What is a placement test?

A placement test is an assessment tool used by the Township Education authorities to analyze the strengths and weaknesses in certain subjects of new students enrolling in government schools.  The placement test helps to determine the appropriate grade level (e.g. if you completed Grade 4 while outside Myanmar and pass the placement test, you will be promoted to Grade 5, but if you fail the placement test, you may be requested to repeat Grade 4).    The subjects of placement tests are Myanmar language, English language, mathematics and science.

Which students have to take a placement test?

All students who would like to enrol in a government school below Grade 10 must take the placement test. Grade 10 students will have to take the national exam.

When will placement tests be given, and how can I register my child?

Government school placement tests are usually held in May for the following school year.  Parents and school-aged children should approach the Township Education Office before approaching the school to discuss enrolment and registering for the placement test.

Is there any fee to take the placement test?

No, the placement tests are free of charge.

If you have any further questions, please contact the nearest Township Education Office upon return.