Safe houses

Ecuador has a network of safe houses for victims of sexual and gender-based violence where you can stay temporarily, in anonymity, and with your children.

If you are an LGBTI+ person in human mobility and you have suffered violence and need support, you can approach UNHCR or its partner agencies to assess your situation and to support you in the search for a solution.

Below you can find information about where you can go to access safe houses for survivors of sexual and gender-based violence.

Lago Agrio

Centro de Atención Externa Puerta Violeta (Puerta Violeta Care Center)

  • ? Phone: 06 2833 804 / 099 207 1726


Casa de Acogida para mujeres víctimas de violencia de género “Manos Unidas Tejiendo Progreso” (“Manos Unidas Tejiendo Progreso” Safe House for women victims of gender-based violence)

  • ? Phone: 06 224 5268


Fundación Casa de Refugio Matilde (Matilde Safe House Foundation)

  • ? Address: Diego Méndez Oe3-12 y Versalles (Sector Avenida Colón – norte de Quito).
  • ? Phone: 02 2234 734
  • ? Emergency: 099 6696 723
  • ? Email: [email protected] / [email protected]


Casa María Amor (Maria Amor House)


Movimiento de Mujeres de El Oro (El Oro Women’s Movement)

  • ? Address: Puerto Bolívar, Av. Madero Vargas 1703, diagonal a gasolinera Mobil
  • ? Phone: 0980588807 / 0989486451


Hogar De Cristo / Hogar de Nazareth (Home of Christ/Home of Nazareth)

Temporary shelter for up to 6 months focusing on women victims of GBV and their children 6:00am – 8:00pm