What to do if I was a victim or know a person who has been a victim of sexual exploitation and/or abuse?

If you were a victim of sexual exploitation or sexual abuse, or if you know someone who was, report it!

You can file a complaint about what happened to you or someone else by approaching an UNHCR or its partners offices.

You can also report what happened by emailing [email protected] or by sending an SMS or WhatsApp at 099 789 7242.

When making the complaint:

  • They will always keep your safety in mind.
  • The person you have reported to will advise and assist you with any immediate need for safety, protection, health, and legal guidance.
  • If the investigation determines the facts, serious disciplinary measures shall be taken against the aggressor, including the termination of his/her contract.


  • Acts of sexual exploitation and abuse committed against you are NEVER your fault.
  • Your report will be CONFIDENTIAL.

Reporting an incident will not prevent you from receiving assistance from humanitarian organizations.