Helpful services

UNHCR and partners provide the following services for asylum-seekers and refugees in Albania. Your access to these services will be dependent on your specific circumstances and an evaluation of your needs:

  • Free legal assistance (for asylum applications and naturalisation purposes)
  • Free interpretation services
  • Regular information on rights, obligations and opportunities for integration in Albania
  • Support on seeking employment or other forms of livelihoods
  • Free language courses in Albanian
  • Support on school enrolment for families with children
  • Access to medical advice and/or psychological counselling
  • Support with meeting basic needs (such as accommodation, clothing, childcare)

If you request asylum in Albania, you have the right to contact UNHCR’s partner organisations and request access to relevant support. Please find below relevant contact details:

RMSA (in Tirana)

Helpline: 📞 +355 67 311 7290 (Arabic/Albanian) and 📞 +355 69 8120 836 (English/Albanian).
Email: 📧 [email protected]

Caritas (in border regions)

Phone: 📞 +355 42230088
Email: 📧 [email protected]

Tirana Legal Aid Society (for assistance with naturalisation)

Phone: 📞 +355 42253113
: 📧 [email protected]

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