Sexual and Gender-Based Violence & Children at Risk

“Gender-based violence causes psychological, physical and sexual harm to a person and it is unacceptable.  

Survivors and the community can do something about it. Silence is not the answer. Everyone in the community has a responsibility to create a safe and supportive environment to live in and prevent sexual and gender-based violence. 

How to support:  

·       Listen to the survivor and respect privacy. 

·       Provide support, seek assistance from community leaders. 

·       Assist survivors to access services for health, security, legal and psycho-social from service providers.  

·       Do not blame or judge the survivor. 

·       Do not discuss incident publicly. 

·       Do not report incident without consent. 

·       Do not condone silence. 

Please Note: Refugee and Asylum-Seekers will be able to report GBV incidents and receive appropriate multi sectoral assistance, even during the COVID19 crisis.  

Lifesaving GBV interventions should continue to ensure critical GBV response and services are always available for those who are in need.  


If you have been exposed to any harm, UNHCR and its partners are available to support you. You can call the following numbers:

UNHCR Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Hotline: +919821235410 

Helpline numbers: +919810173130, +917303154009

UNHCR field office in Chennai: +914424461735

Childline: 1098

Women’s Helpline New Delhi: 1091

Ambulance Helpline: 102

Police Control Room: 100

Location-wise Partner NGO’s SGBV contacts

Delhi: BOSCO Organization for Social Concern and Operation (BOSCO)

+918130702677, +918447869120, +919999929135, +919718603798 

Delhi: Socio-Legal Information Centre (SLIC)

+918486363264, +919424439111

Jammu: Save the Children India


Hyderabad: Save the Children India


Jaipur: Development and Justice Initiative (DAJI)


Mewat: ActionAid Association (AA)


Aligarh and Mathura: ActionAid Association (AA)


Notice from UNHCR

Notice on GBV and PSEA in English

Notice on GBV and PSEA in Dari

Notice on GBV and PSEA in Pashto

Notice on GBV and PSEA in Burmese

Notice on GBV and PSEA in Mizo

Notice on GBV and PSEA in Falam

Notice on GBV and PSEA in Arabic

Notice on GBV and PSEA in French

Notice on GBV and PSEA in Rohingya