Emergency lines

If you are in a situation requiring urgent assistance, you can contact emergency numbers.

🚫 No matter your nationality, migration status and whether you have your identity documents or not, call these services:


Call 911 for free from your landline or cellphone. Call only in case of emergency.

🚨 Remember! An emergency is any situation generated by natural events or human action either suddenly or as a result of long-term processes. Take into account the indications given by 911:

  • ⛔ Do not hang up the call until the 911 staff ends the call.
  • Stay where the incident occurred until ambulances ?or police officers arrive ?.
  • Once you call, you should remain aware of your landline or cellphone ?as 911 may try to contact you again to request additional information or provide online assistance.
  • ⛔ Never call to joke or raise alerts on false emergencies. If you do so, you may have penalties ranging from closing your phone line up to 30 days in jail. ? Remember! A fake call prevents someone else from being assisted.

Panic button

This is a safety alternative provided by the Ecuadorian National Police Department in the event of an emergency.

To activate it, you must:

  • Go  to the closest Unidad de Policía Comunitaria (Community Police Unit) — UPC (in Spanish).
  • Carry a cellphone 📱 from any operator.
  • UPC agents will take ✍ your data (exact address and other contact details).
  • Then they will activate the Panic Button on key 5 of such cell phone 👇🏼.

1800 Delito

Call 📞 1800 335486 (DELITO) option 4 to report violence against women. The data you provide in this call is confidential.