Types of protection

Croatia provides for three types of international protection:

  • Refugee status/asylum
  • Subsidiary protection
  • Temporary protection

If it is determined that you cannot  return to your country of origin because you are being persecuted in your country or you fear being persecuted for belonging to a particular race, religion, nationality or social group, or you hold political beliefs for which you have been persecuted, or for which you are afraid that you will be persecuted, you will be granted refugee status (in Croatian: azil).

If you do not meet conditions for refugee status but you cannot return to your country due to the threat of a death penalty or execution, torture, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, or when there is serious and individual danger for your life as a civilian due to widespread violence as part of armed conflict, you will be granted subsidiary protection (in Croatian: supsidijarna zaštita).

Temporary protection is approved in very specific situations (such as mass influx of refugees), when the Goverment of Croatia and the Council of the European Union decide so. Currently, there is no decision nor possibility to obtain temporary protection.

If you do not meet conditions for granting asylum or subsidiary protection, the Ministry of Interior/Asylum Official will issue you with a negative decision. You can appeal this decision by initiating an administrative dispute before the competent administrative court.

You can obtain more information from UNHCR’s partner, the Croatian Law Centre (CLC), which provides initial legal information on access to territory and asylum in Croatia through its 24/7 hotline (+385 91 23 555 22). You can find more detailed information on asylum on their web page www.hpc.hr. Legal advice is also available via phone number 01/ 4854 934 or at e-mail: [email protected]

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