Rights and obligations

Rights of Syrians under temporary protection

Once you are registered under temporary protection (TP) and issued with a Temporary Protection Identification Card, you will be provided with protection, services and be eligible to seek available assistance in Turkey.

After registration, you will be able to stay in Turkey until a more permanent solution is found for your situation. You will also be protected against any forcible return to Syria. You will be able to receive services and assistance for your immediate needs and will have access to fundamental rights.

 The range of rights, services and assistance applicable to Syrian beneficiaries of temporary protection, whether they are residing in or out of the camps, are enumerated under the Temporary Protection Regulation. This includes access to health, education, social assistance, psychological support, interpretation services and legal access to the labour market. You can find out more about these topics in the relevant sections of this website.

Duties and obligations of Syrians under temporary protection

While you are in Turkey, you need to comply with the laws and administrative requirements of the Turkish authorities if you wish to receive effective protection.

For example, during registration, you need to provide correct identification information, submit any available documents you have in order for the authorities to be able to verify your identity, and always cooperate with the Turkish authorities.

If you are asked to comply with a reporting duty from the Turkish authorities, you need to abide by this duty as well. You are obliged by law to inform the Turkish authorities of any changes to your identity information or civil status (such as address, marital status, birth and death in your family, official employment status, etc.) within 20 business days.

Syrians who fail to comply with their obligations in Turkey may face administrative sanctions or criminal proceedings in line with the Turkish law. If you do not comply with your obligations, your access to some fundamental rights may also be restricted by the Turkish authorities.

Therefore, it is extremely important that you follow the rules, laws and obligations in Turkey during your residence here.


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