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Access to public Health Centers and Governmental Hospitals

Access to health care services is guaranteed for all refugees and asylum seekers at Public Health Centers and Governmental Hospitals at the non-insured Tunisian rate.

Governmental health services are available through public healthcare centers and governmental hospitals that cover all governorates; thus, you can identify services near your residence location by asking your neighbors or by visiting the Tunisian ministry of Health official website:

Breast Cancer Awareness – see information leaflet

HIV treatment and advice

You can get HIV from unprotected sex, an accidental needle stick, or using a dirty needle to inject drugs. If that happened to you, there’s a chance that you’ve been exposed to the virus that causes AIDS. Exposure doesn’t automatically mean infection. But you should act quickly to lower your chances of getting HIV.

UNHCR’s partner CTR can assist you to get tested for HIV, get counselled and secure treatment.

All treatments relating to HIV are free of charge

If you suspect you have been infected, please reach out to CTR counselors on the following numbers:

  • Hotline for North Tunisia: 00216.58 574 595
  • Hotline for South Tunisia: 00216.58 574 596

You can also contact UNHCR by email at [email protected]

UNHCR supported Health services for Refugees:

UNHCR may support you with health care expenses if you are:

  • A recognized refugee
  • An asylum-seeker in extreme cases of vulnerability or in life threatening situations

Refugees suffering from chronic diseases will automatically benefit from a reimbursement of their medical expenses.

If you face challenges and wish to apply for medical care support, please contact UNHCR’s partner in charge of healthcare services Tunisian Council for Refugees (CTR) on the following hotline numbers:

  •  Hotline for North Tunisia: 00216.58 574 595
  •  Hotline for South Tunisia: 00216.58 574 596

Please note that the reimbursement of the amount spent will be granted according to a determined ceiling. Therefore, ensure that you keep the receipts and the doctor prescriptions with you.

For medication coverage, make sure the stickers (vignette) of the drugs prescribed are attached to the medical prescription.

For health services at private clinics and emergency situations, please ensure to contact CTR medical doctor prior to seeking the treatment, as some treatment at private clinics are reimbursed by UNHCR in very exceptional cases.

You can also visit our Frequently asked questions for quick information about UNHCR in Tunisiaaccommodationfinancial assistanceeducation and other helpful services. 

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