Can my children access education in Tunisia?

Yes. If your children are aged between 6 and 14 years old, they can access public schools, following a placement test which will indicate if they are eligible to be enrolled.

CTR can support your children with the enrolment and with proof of enrolment (enrolment certificate and presence certificate).  Students can also benefit from a one- time education grant.

If you need support, please contact CTR on the following numbers:

  • Hotline for North Tunisia : 00216.58 574 595
  • Hotline for South Tunisia : 00216.58 574 596

Please be advised that public school education in Tunisia relies heavily on the usage of Arabic language.

Is education compulsory in Tunisia?

Basic education in Tunisia is compulsory to attend and lasts for 9 years. This level of education is split up into 2 stages:

  • Primary education: This educational level lasts for 6 years, and provides basics in written and oral expression, as well as arithmetic and reading.
  • Secondary/preparatory education: This educational level lasts for 3 years and deepens the basic education. Also, it develops the communication skills of the students in Arabic and 2 foreign languages.

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