Birth Certificates for Newborns

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As stated in the Tunisian Law, all newborns must be registered within 10 days from the date of birth. Birth registration helps to prevent statelessness because it establishes a legal record as to where a child was born and is often a prerequisite for obtaining documentation that proves nationality.

Where can I register the birth of my children?

Please approach the municipality in the area where the birth took place.

Required documents:

  • Birth notification by the hospital or any medical facility.

Who can register a birth?

The father. Additionally, the doctor, the midwife or any other person who was present at the birth can also register it.

If you cannot obtain the required documents, if the father is not present, or if you encounter any other problems, please contact Tunisian Council for Refugees (CTR) at the following numbers:

  • Hotline for North Tunisia: 00216.58 574 595
  • Hotline for South Tunisia: 00216.58 574 596

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