Applying for asylum in South Tunisia

After your arrival to South Tunisia, you will be referred by the authorities to the International Organization for Migration (IOM). A counselling session will be organized jointly by UNHCR, CTR and IOM staff to explain your options regarding your stay in Tunisia. If you opt to seek asylum in Tunisia, an interview will be conducted by the Tunisian Council for refugees (CTR) with you in order to identify your needs and intentions, as well as to facilitate your referral to the relevant organization which can provide you with further support. The interview includes sections on your personal profile and vulnerabilities, reasons why you have left your country of origin to seek asylum in Tunisia, your situation in Tunisia, your intentions, and concerns regarding your country of origin, if existing.

If you are willing to seek asylum in Tunisia, you can contact the CTR hotline in order to have an appointment on the following numbers depending on your location:

  • Zarzis Hotline: 00216.56 83 62 71
  • Medenine/ Tataouine: 00216.58 57 45 96
  • Gabes Hotline: 00216.56 83 62 70
  • Sfax Hotline: 00216.56 83 62 72

Following your interview with CTR, you will be contacted as soon as possible by UNHCR and given a registration appointment. The waiting time can vary depending on the number of arrivals.

Once registered, you will receive an asylum seeker card issued by UNHCR, which will facilitate your movements and access to services. Always keep your card with you and do not share or give it to anyone. Remember to report any lost or stolen card to UNHCR so that we can make sure to replace it.

The asylum procedure is FREE and WITHOUT ANY CHARGES.

Under no circumstances should you accept any offers from people who are asking you for money to submit an asylum application, get an appointment or obtain a document.

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