COVID-19 Information

The World Health Organization has declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic. UNHCR strongly believes, that no part of society should be left behind if we are to respond effectively to this global challenge.

More than ever, our primary objective is to ensure that refugees and displaced people are included in national protection, preparedness and response measures. UNHCR is convinced, that access to correct information for everyone is key to the tackling of this global health emergency.

To this end, we recommend that you follow the guidelines issued by the:

World Health Organisation (WHO)

How to protect yourself – English | French | Arabic | Chinese | Russian | Spanish
Questions and answers English |French | Arabic | Chinese | Spanish

Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) – Switzerland

General Information on COVID-19 – English | German | French | Italian
FOPH’s campaign “Protect youself and others” English | German | French | Italian

For information about COVID-19 and the current situation in multiple languages, please consult the following links:

Albanian | Text / Audio / Video „Mbro veten dhe te tjeret“ / Video „Situata është serioze“
AmharicText / Video „ሁኔታው ከባድ ነው“
Arabic | Text / Video „فيروس كورونا الجديد“ / Video „فيروس كورونا“
FarsiText / Audio / Video „ویروس جدید کرونا“ / Video „ویروس کرونا“
KazakhVideo „Жаңа корона вирусы Қазақ тілі“
Kurdish | Text  / Video „Vîrosa korona ya nû“
ItalianVideo „La situazione è seria“
Mandarin | Text / Video „疫情非常紧急“
Portuguese | Text / Audio / Video „A situação é séria“
Romanian | Text / Video „CUM SĀ NE PROTEJĀM“
RussianVideo „Новый корона вирус „
Serbo-Croatian | Text
Spanish | Text / Audio / Video „Como protegerse del coronavirus“ / Video „La situación es grave“
SomaliVideo „Corona Viruska wa haalis“
TamilVideo „நிலைமை தீவிரமாக உள்ளது“
Tagalog | Text
Tigrinya | Text / Audio / Video „N Nebsqa miqiliqalin, Qaliotin“ / Video „እዚ ኩነታት ኣዚዩ ኣስጊኢ‘ዩ ዘሎ“
Turkish | Text / Audio / Video „Durum ciddi“

For further information and links related to COVID-19 and the situation in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, please visit our website, which provides information in over 18 languages.