Resettlement involves a voluntary, safe and regulated transfer of people in need of international protection from the country where they are registered (either with UNHCR or host government authorities) to another country which has agreed to admit them as refugees.

Resettlement is intended as a long-term solution for refugees, when there is no stable situation in the first country of arrival. Resettlement is used in situations where refugees cannot return to their countries of origin, nor receive effective protection or integrate in the host country.

UNHCR in Sweden is not part of the resettlement process.

Submissions for resettlement are made from the country where the individuals are living as refugees. UNHCR in that country is responsible for identifying people who may be in need of resettlement. After a case has been submitted for resettlement to Sweden for example, it is up to the Swedish Migration Agency to decide whether to accept someone for resettlement.

If you already have been resettled to Sweden, UNHCR cannot help you with resettlement to another country because no resettlement takes place from Sweden.

For more information on resettlement, please visit Resettlement – UNHCR Frequently asked questions  

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