COVID19: Important Information

Vaccination Plan against COVID-19 in Spain

In Spain, vaccination against the new coronavirus began on December 27, 2020 in all Autonomous Communities. The coronavirus vaccine is not mandatory.

Vaccines are progressively available, and it has been necessary to establish a vaccination plan with specific population groups being prioritized for vaccination. In this regard, an ethical framework has been established and a vaccination strategy has been developed based on criteria such as risk of serious disease and risk of exposure, among others. Check the Covid-19 Vaccination Strategy and the vaccination stages here.

In Spain, asylum seekers and refugees will have access to the vaccine under the same conditions as the rest of the Spanish population and following the general vaccination plan announced by the Spanish authorities. In this way, if a person belongs to one of the priority groups, they will have access to the vaccine as part of that group. Otherwise, they will receive the vaccine along with the rest of the population when the priority groups have been vaccinated.

Likewise, asylum seekers who are residing in reception centre or residences which are part of the asylum reception system will have access to the vaccine following the same vaccination criteria contemplated in the Covid-19 Vaccination Strategy.

You will find all the official information on vaccination against the new coronavirus, available vaccines and vaccination strategy following this link.

You can also find information regarding the vaccination process in the different Autonomous Communities of Spain here. 

If you have doubts, you can also go to your health centre or talk to the professionals of the reception centre where you live.


Next, we detail the population groups that will receive the vaccine first, as reported by the Spanish authorities:

Stage 1 – FIRST AVAILABLE DOSES. Priority groups: 

  • Residents and staff in centres for the elderly and who take care of highly dependent persons (people in need of help to carry out basic activities of the daily life several times a day and, due to their total loss of physical, mental, intellectual or sensory autonomy, need the indispensable and continuous support from another person or have generalized support needs for their personal autonomy)
  • First line health and social health personnel
  • Other health and social health personnel
  • Large non-institutionalized dependents

Stage 2 – MORE DOSES AVAILABLE. Other priority groups:

  • Population over the age of 80
  • Other health and social health personnel under the age of 56
  • Workers with an essential social function under the age of 56
  • People between 70 and 79
  • People between 60 and 69
  • Under 60 with risk conditions
  • People between 56 and 59
  • People between 45 and 55

Information on when other population groups will be vaccinated will be made public later, in subsequent updates of the Vaccination Strategy against COVID-19.


Why, how and when get vaccinated against the Coronavirus?

By clicking on the following links, you will access four infographics prepared by the Red Cross to provide you with information regarding why, how and when to get vaccinated against the Coronavirus.

This is an example of the type of document you will find by clicking on each of the previous links:

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