What is the role of UNHCR in the Republic of Serbia?

The relevant institutions of the Government of the Republic of Serbia are responsible for the registration of asylum-seekers, the examination of their claims, and the issuance of documents to the persons granted international protection.

UNHCR in Serbia works with the Government and authorities, non-governmental and other organizations, volunteer networks and local communities to ensure that refugees and asylum-seekers are protected.

  • UNHCR and its partners identify asylum-seekers and other persons of concern to support an expeditious referral to relevant services;
  • UNHCR advocates for the improvement of policies and services that affect the lives of refugees and asylum-seekers;
  • UNHCR supports national and local authorities to implement the official asylum procedure and facilitate access to rights;
  • As necessary, UNHCR supports the Government in addressing the basic needs of refugees and asylum-seekers such as information, shelter, water, sanitation, food, basic household items, health, education and livelihood;
  • UNHCR supports the capacities of Government officials, the staff of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and others to understand and respond to the needs of asylum-seekers and refugees.

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