What can UNHCR do for you?

UNHCR staff will listen to you and inform you of the options and procedures available so that you may take an informed decision about your future. Everything you tell UNHCR will be treated confidentially. All the services provided by UNHCR are free of charge.

UNHCR will refer you to relevant NGOs or authorities that may provide you with the services or support necessary. UNHCR will share your information with your agreement only.

UNHCR staff can give you clear and practical information about the legal procedures that you must complete upon arrival in Serbia: e.g., how to apply for asylum, information on family reunification, local integration or assisted voluntary to return to your country of origin, and information about your rights and obligations as a refugee or an asylum-seeker in Serbia.

UNHCR staff will explain to you specific procedures applicable to:

  • unaccompanied and separated children;
  • persons with disabilities or persons suffering from an incurable or serious illness;
  • the elderly;
  • pregnant women or women who gave birth recently;
  • single parents with minor children;
  • survivors of torture, rape or other serious forms of psychological, physical or sexual abuse or exploitation, or persons with post-traumatic disorder and
  • victims of trafficking.

Upon your approval, UNHCR staff may share this information with authorities or other organizations:

  • If you are at risk because of your gender, age or sexual orientation, UNHCR will advise and refer you to the relevant organization or authority for further support and protection; and
  • UNHCR staff will inform you about the possibility of family reunification, either in Serbia or elsewhere.

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If you’re looking for general information about UNHCR’s role and activities in Serbia, please visit the UNHCR Serbia website, or find us on Facebook or Twitter.