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In order to support education and/or employment opportunities for the refugees, UNHCR Rwanda seeks to update the current refugee education and occupational information included in the registration database. Refugees are requested to self-update this information here.

You will need an internet connection to access the form from the link and to submit the form. Before submitting the form, make sure that all mandatory (*) fields are completed. You are requested to provide true information which will be verified at a later stage. Note that this is part of continuous registration and there is, therefore, no deadline to this process. If you need any clarification, kindly contact us through [email protected]

You can find useful information on current employment / scholarship / other opportunities. Applying to the opportunity listed on the page does not guarantee employment or scholarship. If you want to find out more, please visit community centers near your location.

Scholarship Opportunities ⬇

Mastercard Foundation Scholars Programme

The largest scholarship and leadership initiative of its kind in Africa, the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program prepares talented and diverse young people with a commitment to giving back with the skills and mindsets they need to pursue their aspirations and enrich their communities. Find out more about Mastercard Foundation Scholars Programme here.

The Scholars Program is implemented through universities and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). The application process and decision-making are managed individually by each university and NGO. If you are interested in becoming a Scholar, you must apply through the university of your choice. We recommend that you research the application guidelines or contact the institution of your choice for more information. Institutions have their own deadlines and admission fees. For schools that require application fees as part of the admissions process, the fees will be reimbursed if the student is selected for the Scholars Program.

Find the list of institutions here.

Vocational Training Opportunities ⬇

There are no current opportunities. Please visit this site often for updates.

For Academic Mobility ⬇


Are you a student interested in connecting with universities? If so, Meto can help.

Meto is a nonprofit organization that aims to increase access to higher education for students across the African continent.

Figuring out which universities to apply to is not an easy process. Meto exists to make this easier for you. How do we do it? Simply, Meto reverses the process: instead of you needing to identify good-fit universities, Meto allows you to be approached by good-fit universities.

Meto exists for students, and our service is free to use. In other words, no one should charge you for access to this form.

The first step is to tell us more about you! You can access Meto’s Student Information form here:

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out at [email protected] or on WhatsApp (+251987314242).



Backpack 26 project is a Universal Tool for Academic Mobility that provides access to higher education and training opportunities by keeping important educational documents safe and safely sharing documents with universities, employers, scholarship agencies, and credential evaluators.

Find more information here.

How to open a BackPack26 Account?

  1. Go to
  2. Click on create your account (If you are using a computer – find the button on the right side of the browser. If you are using a smartphone – scroll down to find the button)
  3. Answer the three questions
  4. Add your email address and a username of your choice and click create an account.
  5. Check your email inbox for a link of verification and set a password.

Online Learning Opportunities ⬇


Refugees in Rwanda can take courses on Coursera. For registration, send your name, email address and Proof of Registration number to [email protected]. You can visit Community Center near your location to check the availability of computers and the internet for your studies.

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