Family Reunification

The protection of family unity is an important human right. If you were separated from your family before or during your flight, you may apply for them to join you in Rwanda, under specific conditions. Whether your family can join you ultimately depends on the type of legal status you are granted and the nature of your relationship.

Who can help you in the family reunification process?

In Rwanda, you can seek assistance and individual counselling free of charge from the Rwandan Red Cross (RRC) and the ICRC.

The Rwandan Red Cross (RRC) and the ICRC, together with National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies abroad, help refugees in Rwanda trace and re-establish contact with family members in another country. RRC and ICRC help in particular unaccompanied minors. Any involvement in family reunification depends on the authorisation of governmental authorities.

RRC and ICRC will help you when you lose contact due to:

  • Armed conflicts or other situations of violence
  • Natural or man-made disasters, or migration, resulting in humanitarian needs

Within Rwanda, the Rwandan Red Cross and the ICRC will help unaccompanied children to trace their parents, parents to look for their unaccompanied children and restore contact with family members living in another country through Red Cross messages. The service is provided for:

  • Unaccompanied minors and children formerly associated with armed groups
  • Detainees
  • Refugees or returnees living in Rwanda with close family members living in countries where the postal service is not reliable
  • In situations of humanitarian needs due to armed conflict, other situation of violence, natural or man-made disasters, or migration

IMPORTANT: Red Cross messages between adults living in Rwanda are not accepted.

The ICRC in Rwanda delivers:

  • travel documents to unaccompanied children, and other people who are allowed to resettle in a third country
  • attestations of detention for the detainees it has visited and registered
  • attestations to people repatriated by the ICRC

It also forwards official documents annexed to a Red Cross message for refugees in Rwanda.

Please be informed that UNHCR in Rwanda does not offer individual counselling on family reunification.

If you do not know where your family is or you cannot contact them, you can contact

Rwanda Red Cross

Phone numbers:

  • +250 255 105 260
  • + 250 788 68 99 89
  • + 250 788 84 51 73

Address: Rwanda Red Cross, Restoring Family Links Services, PO Box 425, Kigali / Rwanda
Email address: [email protected]

ICRC delegation in Kigali

Phone numbers:

  • + 250 78 830 83 19
  • + 250 788 30 23 34
  • + 250 78 830 87 58
  • +250 78 830 30 78

Fax: +250 252 572 783
Address: ICRC Kigali, 10, KN 41 street, Kiyovu quarter, P.O. Box 735, Kigali / Rwanda
Email address: [email protected]

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