UNHCR’s Cash Programme

Please be informed that the last day of enrolment for UNHCR’s winter cash program for refugees from Ukraine will be on 27 March. The program will transition to a different type of cash assistance in the following months, about which further details will be provided as soon as possible.
Please note that we, for technical reasons, will not be able to register people for any further cash assistance as of 28 March and during the month of April.

Visit this page to schedule an appointment to register for Cash assistance by UNHCR

What is UNHCR’s financial cash assistance programme in Romania?

    • UNHCR is providing onetime cash assistance to meet winter related expenses of eligible Ukrainians and third-country nationals displaced, due to the ongoing conflict. 
    • Enrolment for financial cash assistance is separate from the registration for temporary protection conducted by the General Inspectorate for Immigration.
    • UNHCR does not conduct refugee registration for temporary protection or refugee status determination in Romania, as these fall under the responsibility of the Romanian Government. UNHCR highly encourages accessing the temporary protection status offered by Romanian authorities. Information from the General Directorate for Immigration on how to access this status can be found here.

How much money is provided as cash assistance?

  • Eligible recipients will receive 653 RON per person.
  • Financial cash assistance is provided one time for the entire winter  period.

Who is eligible for UNHCR financial cash assistance?

You and your family are eligible for financial cash assistance if you meet the following criteria:

  1. You are Ukrainian or a third-country national displaced from Ukraine because of the conflict,
  2. You have stayed in Romania for at least 7 days,
  3. You or your family meet specific vulnerability criteria.

*Please note*
Those that have requested asylum from the General Inspectorate for Immigration are not eligible for UNHCR Financial Cash Assistance, as they will receive assistance directly from the General Inspectorate for Immigration (GII).

Families/individuals that are receiving similar cash assistance from other humanitarian organizations, NGOs, UN Agencies, etc. in Romania or other countries are not eligible for UNHCR financial cash assistance. This applies when the amount of assistance received is 500 RON or more per person per month and the assistance is provided for at least one months.

  • Families/individuals are recommended to bring all supporting documents, certifying their disability and/or medical condition, including medical reports and disability cards.   

How can I schedule an appointment to enroll for financial cash assistance?

  • You can walk in any of UNHCR enrollment centers to be enrolled for cash assistance. You can find the UNHCR Cash Enrolment Centres listed here .
  • You can also schedule an appointment by filling out a form on https://dopomoha.ro in case you cannot easily reach UNHCR enrolment centers.
    • After you have requested an appointment by filling out the form, UNHCR will send you an SMS. Due to a very high volume of requests,the text message may take up to several weeks to be sent to you, after your request. 
    • The SMS is generally only sent to refugees called to visit Mobile Enrollment Centers in cities like Constanta and other areas where UNHCR does not have permanent Enrolment Centers.
  • Please note that registering for appointment is only for enrolment to UNHCR’s cash programme. You will receive cash assistance after enrolment and upon confirmation of your eligibility. 

I did not get a stamp in my passport. Am I still eligible?

  • Yes. To be eligible for cash assistance you must have stayed in Romania for at least 7 days. 
  • When you come to the UNHCR Financial Cash Enrolment Point, please bring any type of evidence you have that can show your date of entry to Romania.

Where are UNHCR’s Financial Cash Enrolment Points? When are they open?

  • Bucharest: At ROMEXPO – Bulevardul Marasti 65-67. Phone number: +40724445293 /+40724745515.
  • Brasov: Strada Institutului 35, Brasov (CATTIA). Phone number: 0725178835.
  • Galati: Strda Movilei 2-8, Galati.  Phone number: 0724445274.
  • Iasi: Sos. Nationala, no 55-59, Mercury Apartments, flats 1-2, Iasi. Phone number: 0724445376.
  • Suceava: Mihail Sadoveanu 9A, Suceava. Phone number: 0730295548.

    All centres
    are  open five days a week (Monday-Friday) from 9:00am – 5:00pm
    and are closed on the weekends. 

What should I bring to my enrolment appointment?

  • For each family member, you should bring any of the following documents for identification if available:
    • International passport;
    • Any document showing your Ukrainian Tax number;
    • Temporary Protection Permit;
    • Internal passport;
    • National identity card;
    • If any of the above is not available, bring any other document that can prove the identity for each family member and relationship of the family members or any caregiver/legal guardian.
    • Third country nationals should bring proof of permanent residency in Ukraine.
  • You may show documents that are not available physically through the DIAA mobile application.
  • You should also bring any document that proves your date of entry into Romania.
  • Please remember to bring an active Romanian or Ukrainian mobile phone number. You cannot share phone numbers between different families.
  • You may enroll using your Ukrainian phone number however, the mobile number must be active in roaming. Ukrainian phone numbers that are not active in roaming, will not receive SMS confirmations for appointments nor SMS cash assistance pick-up codes. 
  • Children under 18 years of age who are in Romania without parents or family members and do not have anyone to accompany them for enrolment, should contact their social worker or legal representative, or contact UNHCR at 021 201 7873/+40 723 653651 for counselling.  

How do I get the financial cash assistance once I am enrolled?

  • After receiving an appointment, families and individuals will go to a designated Financial Cash Enrollment Point run by UNHCR, where they will provide information and fingerprints for enrollment in a secure database (UNHCR is not registering you as a refugee, as this is done by the government). All eligible family members must come in person to the enrolment point, including children. Children 5 years and older will be fingerprinted.
  • After enrolling, you will receive your cash (653 RON per person) via your preferred modality: 
    1. Bank transfer into your Romanian bank account.
    2. Household’s focal point will receive an SMS with your cash pick-up code. The SMS will also include information about the validity period of pick-up codes for the family focal point to withdraw cash from designated cash points. After receiving an SMS, you should go with your ID to withdraw the financial cash assistance:
  • The assistance will be sent to household’s focal point’s bank account. Focal point is the person, who represents the family and his/er information is on the on the Proof of Enrolment. 
  • You can only use the unique code received on the phone one time and must withdraw the full amount. 
  • If you change your phone or lose your unique code, you should return to a UNHCR Financial Cash Enrollment Point with your identity documents.
  • You can contact UNHCR hotline to retrieve your cash assistance pick up code in situations that you deleted the SMS or lost the pick-up codes.
  • It is recommended to follow UNHCR Telegram channels to be updated in case of changes to UNHCR cash assistance programmes. 

Why do I need to provide my fingerprints to receive cash assistance from UNHCR?

  • Enrolling your fingerprints helps to protect your unique access to financial cash assistance and guard against fraud. This is because it is very difficult for someone else to copy your fingerprints and pretend to be you.
  • UNHCR is not collecting your fingerprints as part of any refugee registration or status determination. It is only for humanitarian assistance purposes.
  • All of your information, including your fingerprints, will be stored in a secure UNHCR database. UNHCR will not share your fingerprints or that of your family members with any other organization or institution.