Remote Refugee Status Determination

Information for refugees on UNHCR continuous RSD procedures

With the aim to protect the health of refugees and UNHCR staff, and in line with social distancing requirements established by the Government of Jordan, most UNHCR services will continue being carried out remotely by telephone. For quality assurance reasons please note that all Refugee Status Determination (RSD) phone calls with refugees are recorded.

  • UNHCR premises are currently not open and most RSD activities will be carried out by phone;
  • To ensure social distancing, only applicants with appointments will be attended when the premises reopen;
  • Once our premises reopen, and in very exceptional circumstances, will refugees be invited to approach the UNHCR Office by appointment only. The number of daily appointments is calculated to comply with the rules.

Please remember, that all UNHCR services are free. If you have any complaints on issues related to fraud, please send an email to [email protected]. If you have any complaints on the conduct of UNHCR staff, please send an email directly to the head office in Geneva at [email protected]. We have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to explain our updated procedures.

How does a remote RSD interview work?

These are the steps:

  1. UNHCR will call you to assess whether your situation is suitable for a remote RSD interview. This assessment takes into consideration availability of internet, mobile phone credit and privacy. You will also be asked questions to confirm your identity and UNHCR will ask for your consent to being interviewed utilising this modality.
  2. Should you not feel comfortable with remote RSD interview modalities, and do not consent to the process, please do not worry. It will have no consequences on your RSD processing, and we will reschedule you once we can accommodate you in the office.
  3. All calls from UNHCR for RSD interviews will show as “private number”.
  4. Once you agree to the remote RSD interview, you will receive an SMS from UNHCR confirming the details of your interview.
  5. On the day of your interview, you will receive an SMS from UNHCR with a one-time password (OTP). To protect yourself from fraudsters, please do not share this password with anyone.
  6. You can read what to expect during an RSD interview here.
  7. When your RSD interviewer calls, ask them for this OTP to know the caller is a genuine UNHCR staff. If they provide you with the correct OTP, then continue with the interview. If it does not match the password you received from the UNHCR SMS, please end the call and report it to UNHCR by calling the Helpline at 064008000.

How can I know that the SMS I received is truly from UNHCR?

The sender of the SMS should display as “UNHCR”. Anything else (such as “UNHCR Jordan” or other) is not the official UNHCR account and you should report it.

How will I know if I have been selected for a remote RSD interview?

UNHCR will contact you and explain to you the process in detail.

How can I submit documentation in a remote interview?

Please let your interviewer know and they will help you to update your records.

How will I know the result of my RSD interview?

UNHCR will either call you or invite you to its office to let you know the results of your interview.

Is a remote RSD interview different from being interviewed in the office?

The only difference is that you will be interviewed at a distance for your safety.

Do I have to attend my RSD interview remotely if I am selected to do so by UNHCR?

No, we only interview those who agree to do so.

What happens if I choose not to be interviewed remotely?

You will be interviewed when the UNHCR offices are ready to receive you in the way that is safest to your health and wellbeing. Your decision to wait and be interviewed in person has no effect on your RSD procedures or on any assistance you receive from UNHCR.

What if I want to change the date of my planned interview?

Please answer the interview call and verify that your call is from UNHCR by using the OTP you received (see above). Once you have confirmed that the caller is UNHCR, ask your interviewer to reschedule your appointment.

What if I missed the call for my remote RSD interview?

We will always try to call you several times within the time slot of your interview. If you miss our calls, our team will call you later to try to reschedule your appointment to a time suitable for you.

I need refugee status for an urgent protection/health/other issue. How can I let you know about this?

Please call the UNHCR Helpline and select option number 1 for protection matters, then option number 2 for general services. Our agents will help us prioritise your interview based on your needs. For documentation renewal, we recommend you read our updated advice on remote registration.

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