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Gradual Reopening of UNHCR Registration Centres

In line with the recommendations issued by the Government of Jordan, and in compliance with COVID-19 prevention measures, UNHCR Jordan is partially opening registration centres in Amman, Mafraq and Irbid for in-person processing of a limited number of persons of concern. UNHCR will send SMS appointments with indicated time of interview to persons of concern. Please strictly adhere to the mentioned time, as you will not be able to enter the registration centre earlier or later, to avoid crowding, as social distancing must be maintained at all times. Please come with all family members registered in the same file, and bring your identity documents and expired Asylum Seeker/Refugee Certificates. Should you have been married, divorced, had a new born child or a deceased family member since your last visit to UNHCR please bring documents confirming those facts as well.

Please note that UNHCR will continue carrying out the majority of its activities remotely in all its offices (Amman, Mafraq, Irbid), thus it is exceptionally important that you maintain your primary phone number with UNHCR active. When you receive an SMS from UNHCR with an appointment for renewal of Asylum Seeker/Refugee Certificates, please read it carefully to understand if that appointment is for a face to face interview at the registration centre, or a remote interview through the phone. Refugees processed remotely will be sent an appointment SMS to approach registration centers to pick up their renewed Asylum Seeker/Refugee Certificates as per the established practice.

UNHCR Jordan is monitoring the situation and works closely with the Government of Jordan and World Health Organization to take the necessary measures to protect its Persons of Concern from COVID-19.

In order to avoid rumors and fake news, make sure that you receive your information from an official source. Follow UNHCR Jordan on Facebook and Twitter, and visit the Help site ( for constant updates. Should there be any changes to the working modality of registration centres, or activities carried out at the Community Support Centres, UNHCR will inform Persons of Concern.

Information for refugees on UNHCR continuous registration procedures

With the aim to protect the health of refugees and UNHCR staff, and in line with social distancing requirements established by the Government of Jordan, most UNHCR services will continue being carried out remotely by telephone. For quality assurance reasons please note that all UNHCR registration phone calls with refugees are recorded.

  • Registration Centres are currently not open and the majority of UNHCR registration activities will be carried out by the telephone;
  • Registration Centres, once open, will not provide services on walk in basis;
  • Once Registration Centres are open in very exceptional circumstances will refugees be invited to approach UNHCR Registration Centres by appointment only with the number of daily appointments calculated to comply with the rules.

This guidance explains how UNHCR will carry out registration and documentation services by phone call.

Document renewal and adding newborn babies remote registration procedures

If your Asylum Seeker/Refugee Certificate has expired and/or there has been a change in your family composition, please contact the UNHCR Helpline and pick the registration option from the main menu. A Helpline agent will assist you in recording your request for a renewal/adding appointment. UNHCR, in turn, extracts the cases with expired certificates from its database periodically and issues appointments automatically.

Step 1: SMS

  1. You will receive an SMS from UNHCR informing you that a UNHCR staff member will call you to schedule a remote interview.
  2. Please adhere to the message instructions primarily requesting sending the required documents to the phone number provided in the text message.

Step 2: Interview call

  1. You will receive an SMS with “UNHCR” credentials informing you about the interview date and the name of the UNHCR staff member who will call you to conduct a remote interview.
  2. You will also receive a one-time password consisting of four digits specific to the interview call. To protect yourself from fraudsters, please do not share this password with anyone. Once you receive a call from UNHCR, ask the staff to tell you the password. This will help you ensure that the caller is a genuine UNHCR staff. If it does not match the password you received from UNHCR, end the call, and please report it by calling the UNHCR Helpline (064008000).
  3. Please make sure all registered family members and all passports/identity documents are available and handy.
  4. During the scheduling call, all procedures will be explained in detail, and the time that works best for you will be set for the renewal interview phone call.

– Please note that it is your responsibility to inform UNHCR of any significant changes in your circumstance, marital status, movements in and out of Jordan, arrival and departure of any of your family members and all forms of changes in the family composition.
– Please note that if UNHCR detects you have shared misleading information, that might consist as an act of fraud.

Step 3: Collection of Asylum Seeker/Refugee Certificates

After completing the interview by phone, you will receive an SMS providing you with an appointment to visit the nearest UNHCR registration centre to your area of residence and receive the renewed certificate. The message will contain short instructions mainly regarding:

  1. Commitment to the specified time
  2. Bring all copies of expired documents
  3. Presence of one adult from each file

Please note it is strictly important for to you commit to the provided time slot. If you are feeling unwell or have fallen sick, please contact UNHCR through the Helpline to schedule another appointment. This procedure will not have any impact on your file with UNHCR.

Please note all UNHCR services are free of charge. If you have any complaints on issues related to fraud, please send an email to [email protected] . If you have any complaints on the conduct of UNHCR staff, please send an email directly to the head office in Geneva on [email protected].

UNHCR is working on methodology for safest delivery of Asylum Seeker Certificates to you. As soon as the details are finalized, UNHCR staff will reach out by SMS and inform you when and how delivery will take place. In the meanwhile, if you experience any problem with accessing services or rights because you do not have a valid UNHCR Asylum Seeker Certificate in hand please call the corresponding number to your location of residence: Residents of urban areas (non-camp): 06 400 8000, select the “registration” option and then the “other concerns” option. You will be contacted by a registration staff member within 5 days. Residents of Zaatari Refugee Camp: 0798584478, 0798584541. Residents of Azraq urban & Refugee Camp: 0790349871, 07982231865.

How to request an appointment for adding a newborn baby or for urgent remote document renewal

To request an appointment to add a baby, please contact UNHCR as below:

  • Residents of urban areas (non-camp): 064008000, select the “registration” option and then the “appointments option. You will be transferred to a Helpline agent who will assist you in recording your request.
  • Residents of Zaatari Refugee Camp: 0798584478, 0798584541
  • Residents of Azraq urban & Refugee Camp: 0790349871, 07982231865

You will be contacted by a registration staff member in order to schedule an appointment to remotely add your newborn baby, or to confirm the appointment you may already have.
The process of scheduling the remote interview for adding babies is the same as described under the “remote renewal”.

How to reach Registration Unit through the UNHCR Helpline

If you need to contact the UNHCR Registration unit, please follow the below steps:

  1. Call 064008000
  2. Choose the language: for English, press #, for Arabic, wait 5 seconds;
  3. General welcoming message will play;
  4. Select option number 2 (General Services Provided by UNHCR);
  5. Select option number 1 (To Update Your Family’s Information);
  6. Select option number 1 (General Registration services)
  7. You will listen to the following automated message: “In line with the Government of Jordan’s COVID-19 precautionary measures, including the instruction to conduct remote work and avoid personal contact, UNHCR has temporarily suspended all interviews at the Registration Centres in Amman, Irbid and Mafraq, as well as its activities at all Community Support Centres, including registration interviews at Nuzha and Zarqaa CSCs. As a result of the above, UNHCR will be conducting remote renewal and adding baby interviews on a strictly appointment-based method. Should you be scheduled for remote renewal, you will receive an SMS from UNHCR with instructions. All processing will include sound integrity measures and procedural safeguards. For very exceptional situations, when the situation allows, appointments may be scheduled at UNHCR’s offices for cases that require personal interaction. For your own safety, please refrain from approaching UNHCR premises without an appointment as we will not be able to attend you, in line with the precautionary measures in place”.
  8. Please wait until the Helpline agent takes the call and reflects your request for appointment in UNHCR data base.
  9. A UNHCR staff member will call you back to follow up on your enquiry.

How to receive the renewed Asylum Seeker Certificate

As part of UNHCR’s Remote Renewal Interview Process, UNHCR is issuing appointments for refugees to collect their renewed Asylum Seeker Certificates from its Registration Centre in Amman (Khalda) as of Wednesday 16 September 2020.

UNHCR contacts refugees directly via SMS to set appointments to approach the office, in order to avoid crowding, and in line with the precautionary measures in place to limit the spread of coronavirus. It is absolutely essential that you approach the Khalda Registration Centre at the exact specified date and time communicated to you via SMS.

To adhere to social distancing requirements, only one adult family member should approach the office. Family members or persons approaching without a predetermined appointment will not be attended under any circumstance.

We would like to remind you that the UNHCR Registration Centres in Amman, Irbid and Mafraq remain closed for the time being. For your own safety, please refrain from approaching UNHCR premises without an appointment as we will not be able to attend you, in line with the precautionary measures in place. In case of crowding, and in compliance with the directions from the Government of Jordan, UNHCR will be forced to stop this activity, and we therefore count on your support to orderly, quickly and COVID-19 risk-free distribute documents.

We encourage you to install the Aman application on your smartphone, which helps protecting you and those around you. You may read more about it through the following link: Download on the App Store: | or on Google Play:
If you’ve installed the application on your phone, and you were scheduled to approach any of UNHCR’s offices, please verify the notifications tab on the application beforehand. If you had received an orange or red (high or extreme) risk alert, please avoid approaching the UNHCR office. You are kindly advised to get in touch with the UNHCR Helpline to schedule a new appointment. This will not be affecting processing whatever procedure you might be scheduled for.

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