Onward Movements

Onward movement of refugees and asylum-seekers, notably in an irregular manner, refers to movement by refugees and asylum-seekers from one country where they enjoyed international protection, to another where they may request it.

[gallery size="large" columns="1" link="none" ids="2492,2500,2498,2596,2598"]   Click here to read a joint press release issued by UNHCR and IOM on calls for de-escalation at the Belarus-Poland border. This page will help you understand and receive more information relating to onward movement (informal travels). You may also find the latest news articles at the bottom of this page. [caption id="attachment_2484" align="aligncenter" width="966"]©Leonid Scheglov/BelTA/Handout via REUTERS Displaced people gather on the Belarusian-Polish border. ©Leonid Scheglov/BelTA/Handout via REUTERS[/caption] Click here to read a joint press release issued by UNHCR and IOM on deaths near the Belarus-Poland border (21 September 2021). If you are considering taking a journey from Jordan to a different country, UNHCR urges you to consider all the circumstances, risks, and dangers before taking such a decision. UNHCR’s Protection teams are also available to provide counselling and information if you are considering such onward movements. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49XUg_ejjM4[/embed] If you are registered with UNHCR Jordan, and leave Jordan, then your asylum seeker or refugee status, and access to international protection in Jordan, will change, and you may risk losing access to assistance and support by UNHCR, other UN Agencies, and humanitarian organizations. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9TVbMEPisbQ[/embed] UNHCR Jordan is constantly investing its efforts in finding solutions, providing assistance, and safeguarding the rights of refugees and asylum seekers, with the support of the Government of Jordan, UN Agencies, partner national and international organizations, and actors from the public and private sectors. Click here to read a press release issued by UNHCR on the situation at the Belarus-EU border (22 October 2021). UNHCR does not encourage, promote, or facilitate the return to Syria at this point in time. Always make sure you receive your information from an official source, such as UNHCR, other UN Agencies and Partners, and avoid any rumors and false news that may be spreading among the community or on social media. You are advised to get in touch with UNHCR to verify this kind of information. When in doubt, you can always contact us through this form, by calling the UNHCR Helpline 064008000, follow UNHCR Jordan on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or visit the UNHCR Jordan Help site to verify any information you may hear. News on onward movements: