Labor Mobility Pathways

What are Labor Mobility Pathways?

Employment pathways, otherwise known as labor mobility opportunities, are safe and regulated avenues that allow qualified refugees to enter or stay in another country to work, providing them with the right to either permanent or temporary residence. Thanks to these pathways, refugees can be safely admitted to a third country based on a concrete job offer or specific sector labor shortages while having their protection needs met and their rights safeguarded.

Labor mobility programmes may be part of traditional immigration systems adapted to facilitate the admission of refugees with requisite skillsets on different levels. They may also include temporary and permanent skilled entry arrangements to support refugees. For programmes of this type to be sustained, it is essential to ensure proper travel documentation for legal entry and stay arrangements. Relevant protection safeguards throughout and following the duration of the refugees’ employment and adequate access to information on access to a durable solution are equally important.

UNHCR Jordan has worked with Talent Beyond Boundaries, who work to connect employers with refugees, open migration pathways, and scale displaced talent mobility.

To check available opportunities, please visit Talent Beyond Boundaries Opportunities Page . To apply for an opportunity, please register for the Talent Catalogue and then go back to the opportunities page to apply for a specific opportunity.  

Additional opportunities may also be found on country specific websites:

Registration in Talent Beyond Boundaries’ online platform and TBB’s services are free of charge for all candidates.

Training and guidance to support applications for labor opportunities: