Working in Jordan (for Syrian nationals only)

Under Jordanian law, employers of non-Jordanian workers are legally required to obtain a work permit from the local Labour Directorate of the Ministry of Labour. Syrian refugees have access to work permits in selected occupations.

Documents required from Syrian refugees willing to obtain a work permit

  1. Valid Ministry of Interior (MoI) service card;
  2. One personal passport-size photo;
  3. Fees apply for processing and for private insurance (construction).

For job seekers in the agriculture and construction sectors (non-employer specific)

  1. For agricultural activities: work permits have to be requested through agricultural cooperatives;
  2. For construction sector: work permits have to be requested through the General Federation of Jordanian Trade Unions, the only body authorized to facilitate the issuance of construction work permits not tied to an employer.

Work permits for Syrian refugees are free of charge. Processing fees only apply. Syrians applying for a work permit in the construction sector will also need to cover the cost of mandatory insurance.

There will be no change to the status of Syrians registered with UNHCR once you receive your work permit. UNHCR and partner organisations are committed to continue providing assistance based on needs and vulnerabilities.

Syrian refugees holding work permits may still be considered for UNHCR resettlement to third countries.

Social Security subscription is mandatory with the exception of household helpers and unskilled agricultural workers.

Refugee camps’ residents can obtain a work permit to work across the country in occupations open to non-Jordanians. Work permit holders will be able to work outside the camps. The work permit serves as a one-month leave permit, facilitating the movement in and out of the camp. Processing fees described above apply.

UNHCR is working towards advocating for the right to work to be accessible to refugees of all nationalities. Refugees of nationality other than Syrian can exceptionally work formally; procedures applied to access work permits are the ones applied to foreign migrant workers. Please do check with the nearest UNHCR office or legal services.

The Ministry of Labour has a free hotline that receives calls regarding labour law issues and is committed to improve the rights of all workers in Jordan.

Free line


Zain network


Orange network


Umniah network





[email protected]

The hotline has answering machines that receive complaints after 3:30PM. Legal Issues: for legal counseling and/or mediation, please contact ARDD-Legal Aid at 064617477 operating Sunday to Thursday, from 9AM to 6PM; or approach the Legal Unit in UNHCR Amman Branch Office.

Please note that ALL services provided by UNHCR, including registration, are provided for FREE. For more on reporting fraud, abuse and exploitation, please check our site.

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