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Health information: the virus, prevention and recommendations   

Audio-visual material about COVID-19 aimed at refugee and migrant communities is also available on JUMA MAP, a map of services.  

Regulations and frequently asked questions about the health state of emergency and the measures taken by the Government of Italy 

Contact tracing:

  • For Covid-19 contagion contact tracing the Ministry of Health has developed an App you can download on your phone 

Other sites: 

Vaccination Plan against COVID-19 in Italy  

In Italy, vaccination against the new coronavirus began on December 27, 2020 in all regions. The coronavirus vaccine is not mandatory. The Green Pass (or Super Green Pass) is mandatory in several contexts (work in public and private sector, transportation, sports facilities, restaurants, etc), find out how you can obtain it.  

In Italy, asylum seekers and refugees will have access to the vaccine under the same conditions as the rest of the Italian population and following the general vaccination plan announced by the Italian authorities.  

Likewise, asylum seekers who are residing in reception centers or residences which are part of the asylum reception system can access to the vaccine following the same vaccination criteria contemplated in the Covid-19 Vaccination Strategy. Ask to the reception centre staff for more information about the vaccination arrangements in your area. 

Why, how and when can you get vaccinated against the Coronavirus? 

FAQ on vaccination are available on the following websites:  Italian Ministry of HealthItalian National Institute of Health (Istituto Superiore di Sanità – ISS) and Italian Medicines Agency (Agenzia Italiana del Farmaco – AIFA).   

You need to book an appointment to get a vaccine. Information on this booking system is available on the Italian Government webpage with all the information about the regional booking service for receiving the vaccine.  

If you have doubts, you can also go to your health centre or talk to the professionals of the reception centre where you live. 

For more details and information on Health services in Italy, please visit this page.

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