Education assistance

Primary/ Secondary Education and School Equivalency Certification

The Indonesian Government allows refugee children to attend public schools in the country. If you are living in Jakarta and the surrounding area, you may contact our education partner Catholic Relief Service (CRS) and its partner Human Initiative (HI) for information on the options available to you.

CRS and HI offer preparation classes at UNHCR Refugee centers in Asem Baris Tebet and Ciputat. After completing the preparation class, refugee children will be ready for enrollment at public schools. Please note that these preparation classes are only available online at the moment.

Indonesia offers adult education where students can study at Community Based Accelerated Learning Centers (known as PKBM). Graduates will receive certificate equivalent to the level they are enrolled in. Such as primary school diploma (Package A), junior high school diploma (Package B) and senior high school diploma (Package C).

You may contact the Education Hotline of Catholic Relief Service to get more information on your options: 📞 +62 813 8670 2561


The Indonesian Government does not have specific regulations for the enrollment of refugees at university. This means refugees may not receive a formal diploma from the Government upon completion of studies at a university in Indonesia. Usually, graduates will only receive a diploma issued by the university.  Unfortunately, UNHCR and its partners are not able to provide any financial support for refugees to attend university.

Refugees with High School Certificate may consider scholarship opportunities offered by several universities. For more information on scholarship opportunities at UNHCR’s Opportunities site

You can also ask UNHCR about the Education programs, by submitting your inquiry through our form:

Online Education Platforms

UNHCR in cooperation with Coursera provides opportunity for asylum seekers and refugees in Indonesia to improve their skill and knowledge. Coursera is an online education platform with courses offered by reputable universities and companies. You can read more about Coursera here

To register for Coursera, please send your full name, UNHCR case number and email to UNHCR’s email 📧 [email protected]

Refugee Learning Centres

UNHCR has 2 Refugee Centres located at Asem Baris and Ciputat. A number languages and other classes are usually taught there by Refugee Volunteers. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and following advice from the Government, most classes at these centres are postponed until further notice. Some online classes are sometimes organized by UNHCR partners which you may inquire about using the contact information below.

  • Refugee Center Asem Baris: Asem Baris No. 22 (in front of UPT BLK)
    • Contact: Human Initiative for more information at 📞 +62 856 9524 4442
  • Refugee Center Ciputat, Jl. Haji Nipah (near Kampus UIN II)
    • Contact: Human Initiative at 📞 +62 852 1144 2349

In Jakarta and Bogor there are a number of refugee-led learning centers that provides various learning opportunities for refugees. Please contact a Refugee Representative in your constituency for more information on refugee-led learning centers

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