Voluntary Repatriation Support

Individuals who choose to return to Myanmar and who inform UNHCR of that choice will have access to: counseling from UNHCR staff in India on conditions in areas of intended return, facilitation of departure from India and travel to Myanmar, a cash grant to assist in reintegration, and monitoring, guidance, and counseling by the UNHCR Myanmar team as needed upon return.


Voluntary repatriation counseling will be provided for you  at the UNHCR Office in B2/16  Vasant Vihar, New Delhi 110057.

Voluntary Repatriation Package

While you have refugee status you can apply for UNHCR’s voluntary repatriation package at any time.

Assistance will include the following components:

1. Transportation: Your transportation (overland from India) costs will be covered by UNHCR.

2. Reintegration Cash Assistance: Cash assistance will be provided to facilitate economic integration and to help you purchase basic household items upon return. Funded by UNHCR.
– US$ 150/adult (approximately)
– US$ 100/child (approximately)

3. Food Cash Assistance: Cash assistance to help meet your basic food needs following return will also be provided. Funded by WFP.

– US$ 60/individual (approximately)

Voluntary Repatriation Flowchart

Step 1:            While you have refugee status you can apply for UNHCR’s voluntary repatriation package at any time from the date of the notification interview until 30 June 2019.

Step 2:            Your application for voluntary repatriation is received by UNHCR.  The application can be submitted to UNHCR in person, through a letter, or via email at [email protected]

Step 3:            UNHCR schedules an appointment for a voluntary repatriation interview.  At the time of the interview, please bring the following documents with you:

  1. Refugee Cards/Certificates
  2. Long Term Visa (if registered or obtained)
  3. Documentation from Myanmar (if available)

Step 4:            An interview takes place to ensure your decision to return is voluntary and informed.  Declaration and Voluntary Repatriation Form (VRF) are signed.

Step 5:            You should approach the Myanmar Embassy after your application has been accepted by UNHCR in order to obtain the relevant documentation (Certificate of Identity) needed for return.   Ensure that any children born in India have been registered with the Myanmar Embassy.

As this may be a lengthy process, you are encouraged to approach the Embassy as soon as possible.  If you face difficulties or are unable to obtain documentation, please contact UNHCR.

Step 6:            After receiving the relevant documents from the Myanmar Embassy, please approach UNHCR for a letter to support your request for an exit permit from the FRRO.  You can visit the UNHCR office or send your request by email to [email protected].  Please include copies of documents obtained through the Myanmar Embassy.

Step 7:            UNHCR will contact you when your letter is ready for collection from the office. Before you approach FRRO, ensure that any debts (such as credits to shop keepers, landlords, etc) you may have incurred are settled and retain evidence of the settlement.  Ensure any outstanding court cases are concluded.

Step 8:            Approach FRRO for completion of exit formalities from India.  If you face difficulties, please contact UNHCR.

Step 9:            You are encouraged to obtain the following documents prior to your departure for ease of integration upon return:

  1. Medical documents (including diagnoses, treatment plans, and updated vaccination cards)
  2. Education documents (including transcripts, completion certificates, report cards, and recommendation letters)
  3. Employment documents (including proof of previous employment and/or a letter of recommendation)

Step 10:          After receiving the exit permit from FRRO, UNHCR will then make the payment for your overland travel to Myanmar.  The reintegration cash assistance will be provided in Myanmar.

Please note that you are not permitted to return to Myanmar with livestock, motorbikes, fire arms, or illegal drugs.


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