Discontinuation of Process to Review International Protection Needs

UNHCR announced on 14 March 2019 that the organization has terminated the individual review of status that was recently undertaken for Chin refugees.

As the organization has promised to do since the start of this review process, UNHCR has continued to closely monitor developments in Chin State and Sagaing Region.  Offices have examined recently released reports and assessments, held meetings with the Chin community and your advocates, conducted field missions to Chin State, and followed news reports of a worsening security situation in southern Chin State.

As a result of the deteriorating conditions in recent months, UNHCR has decided to halt the individual review process for the Chin.  All Chin refugees – including those who have undergone counselling or interviews with UNHCR and regardless of whether you have chosen to pursue option 1 or option 2 of the review process – will maintain refugee status beyond 31 December 2019 and until a durable solution is found.

As with all refugees, you will continue to benefit from UNHCR’s protection and from the services and assistance for which you are entitled.  UNHCR is notifying all relevant government agencies, security personnel, and service providers to ensure they are aware of this change and of the fact that you will maintain refugee status beyond 31 December 2019.

UNHCR will continue to assist you in realizing solutions and opportunities which you may wish to pursue and in advocating for a legal stay in the host country.   For those wishing to obtain more information on solutions, please consult the information on this site or request an appointment with UNHCR staff.

If you have undergone option 1 or option 2 counselling with UNHCR and require new documentation, the office will contact you to provide details on how that can be obtained.  Please do not approach the office to obtain documentation prior to receiving guidance from UNHCR.