Information for New Arrivals from Ukraine

People arriving from Ukraine may be entitled to apply for Temporary Protected Status. This is different from the 30-day Temporary Residence Certificate given at the border and entitles you to services like accommodation and access to education. Please see more information on this page.

If you are just arriving from Ukraine, there are some organisations that may be able to help you at the border and across Hungary with legal counselling, finding transportation, accommodation, relief items, among others. The support can change depending on where you are. Members of the Charity Council are providing support at “Help Points” close to the border crossings. You can ask for directions to your closest one when crossing the border, or if you arrive on foot, you will be taken there by bus. You can also get in touch with organisations directly. You can find their contact details and other information by clicking on the name of each organisation below.

When you arrive at Help Points, you can also look at the bulletin boards for notices on other organisations present that are offering support.

Charity Council members present at Help Points and Transit Hubs

Hungarian Helsinki Committee (HHC)- for legal aid

HHC provides free legal aid and can help you understand your legal status and what you need to do if you want to stay in Hungary.

Information in Hungarian, in Ukrainian, in English, and in Russian is available here (at the bottom of the page) and on their website in English, in Hungarian.

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: +361 321 4323 / +361 321 4327/ +361 321 4141(Monday/Thursday 10.00-18.00, Tuesday 10.00-17.00)

Menedek Association- community services

Menedek works with migrants to provide social work and support for children. Information about their work and services is found in Hungarian, Ukrainian, Russian and English here, and on their website in English, and Hungarian.

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