Medical assistance for sexual and gender-based violence

If you have been a victim of sexual and gender-based violence:

  • In your country of origin,
  • During your transit in Guatemalan territory, and/or
  • During your stay in Guatemala

The UNHCR partners you find on this website can support you in seeking and receiving medical assistance if you need guidance.


Go to the nearest hospital or health post immediately or within the first 3 days (72 hours) after the assault occurred, so that they provide you with urgent health services and the appropriate medical treatment that prevents sexually transmitted infections such as HIV/AIDS, or unwanted pregnancies, as well as free and confidential psychological support.

You can also find help at:

Comprehensive Care Model for Women Victims of Violence -MAIMI- of the Attorney General’s Office -the public prosecutor-.
(Modelo de Atención Integral para Mujeres Víctimas de Violencia -MAIMI- del Ministerio Público)

Address: 11th avenue “A” 11-47 zone 7, La Verbena, Guatemala City.
Hours: 24/7 nationwide service.

Free services:

  • Detection of the type of care the victim needs.
  • Urgent care for the medical, psychological, physical and social stabilization of the victim.
  • Attention in the MAI in case of criminal complaint.
  • Alert Isabel Claudina in the case of a missing woman –Alerta Isabel Claudina-.
  • Attention by the Family Court, in case of necessary security measures.
  • Remote attention 24 hours a day, 365 days a year nationwide through line 1572, the Panic Button and service through Whatsapp for women with hearing disabilities.
  • Assistance with cultural relevance. Interpreter service available in the most predominant Mayan languages.
  • Nursery service for the children of women who come to MAIMI.
  • Legal advice.
  • Education and training.
  • Economic empowerment.
  • Employment generation.
  • Urgent measures for victims at risk.
  • Social services, among others.

Model of Comprehensive Care for Children and Adolescents -MAINA- of the Attorney General’s Office -the public prosecutor-.
(Modelo de Atención Integral de Niñez y Adolescencia –MAINA- del Ministerio Público)

Address: Simeón Cañas Avenue, 6th avenue 10-71 zone 2, Guatemala City.
Hours: 24/7

Free services: Specialized care for children and adolescents who are victims of crimes such as:

  • Child abuse
    • Abandonment of children and helpless people
    • Abandonment due to affective state
    • Assistance omission
    • Breach of attendance duties
    • Injuries (minor, negligent, serious, very serious, specific)
    • violence against women
    • Sexual violence crimes
  • Violation
    • sexual assault
    • sexual exhibitionism
    • Violation of sexual intimacy
    • Transmission of sexual infections
    • Paid sexual activities
    • Crimes related to the disappearance of children and adolescents
  • Child abduction
    • Induction to abandon home
    • Wrongful Surrender of a Minor
    • Substitution of child for another
    • Suppression and alteration of marital status

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