Since June 2020, UNHCR has been conducting Resettlement interviews remotely via video/phone calls for refugees willing and able to undergo an interview in appropriate, safe and confidential conditions. Refugees can verify and confirm their remote interview appointments by contacting the Infoline

UNHCR began receiving a limited number of refugees in its offices as follows:

• Refugees whose interviews were conducted remotely are given an appointment to visit the UNHCR office (Cairo 6th of October or Alexandria) for final verification before their resettlement case can be completed.

• Refugees whose interviews cannot be conducted remotely. UNHCR will contact applicants individually to schedule resettlement and verification appointments. It is not possible to request an appointment for resettlement.

How will my resettlement case be affected?

  • During this period UNHCR is not able to conduct resettlement interviews; however, UNHCR may contact you by phone to provide updates on your individual case status. Please ensure that you have provided UNHCR with your current telephone number.
  • There is currently no indication that resettlement programs will be cancelled, however, there may be a long delay before refugees whose case was submitted to a resettlement country are interviewed by the authorities of that country. If you have already been interviewed by a resettlement country, a decision on your case may take longer than usual.
  • There is a temporary hold on all departure arrangements for refugees to travel to countries which have offered to resettle them. It is not known how long resettlement departures will be postponed. If you have been accepted for resettlement, UNHCR or IOM will contact you as soon as it is possible to arrange your travel.
  • All services provided by UNHCR and IOM are free of charge. If you are requested to pay money for travel or assistance, please notify UNHCR immediately.