Refugee Status Determination (RSD)

When are RSD appointments expected to be rescheduled?

Affected persons of concern whose RSD appointments have been rescheduled as a result of reduced activity will be informed via SMS of a new interview date once the office has resumed regular operations. The new appointments will also be available on the RSD website at

How should applicants go about submitting appeals if their deadline falls during restrictions on UNHCR's operations?

In line with the recent decisions adopted by the Egyptian authorities to contain the spread of the COVID-19, UNHCR Egypt is reducing its activities from 16 March until 11 April. As a result, the receipt of appeal and reopening requests at UNHCR Main Building is currently suspended. For the time being, appeal and reopening requests can be submitted via e-mail to [email protected] For those who will not be able to do so, the office will adopt a flexible approach regarding the 30-day appeal deadline once regular operations are resumed.