Rights of refugees

  • Protection against forced return to country of origin until a final decision is made; ii) Documentation, in particular a migratory permit;
  • Family unity;
  • Right to remunerated employment;
  • Freedom of movement;
  • Right to an interpreter of your language and any specialist that is required to facilitate communication with the Dominican authorities; Right to social security, and
  • Any other right enjoyed by foreigners lawfully staying in the country.

Obligations of refugees

  • Refrain from conducting activities which are forbidden to foreigners;
  • Tell the truth and not hide any relevant information;
  • Adequately identify members of the household or dependents and provide other information about relatives;
  • Notify any changes of composition in the household (birth, marriage, divorce, or any other related change);
  • Inform about place of residence (exact address) and notify within two (2) days any changes;
  • Notify about the intention to leave the Dominican Republic, await the authorization and inform about return, and
  • Renew their migratory documentation every year, abide by the Constitution and laws of the Dominican Republic.